The team

We are always looking for new teammates, to join our team: 

Student staff (2005) :

  • Ara Agopian (Electrical Engineering) : electronics
  • Martin Arcand (Mechanical Engineering) : logistics, mechanical design
  • Julien Beaudry (Director, grad. student in Electrical Eng.) : supervision of technical developments, cooperative system development
  • Jérôme Blais-Morin (Computer Engineering) : software developments
  • Julian Choquette (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Cédric Demers-Roy (grad. student in Electrical Eng.) : circuits developments
  • Rémy Dionne (grad. student in Mechanical Eng.) : obstacle avoidance algorithms
  • Pierre-Marc Fournier (Computer Engineering) : vision, obstacles detection mechanisms
  • Frédéric Genest (Mechanical Engineering) : play algorithms
  • Mathieu Lamarche (Electrical Engineering)
  • Louis-Alain Larouche (Mechanical Engineering) : director of mechanics
  • Pierre-Yves Mailhot (grad. student in Mechanical Eng.) : navigation algorithms
  • Sylvain Marleau (Co-director, grad. student in Electrical Eng.) : supervision of technical developments, perception system development
  • Chrystian Paquet (Electrical Engineering) : electronics
  • Liko-Paul Pinsonnault (Physics Engineering) : vision systems (optics)
  • François Savard (Electrical Engineering) : software developments, play algorithms, webmaster

Scientific supervision :

  • Richard Hurteau (Professor in Electrical Eng. Department) : mechatronics laboratory director
  • Richard Gourdeau (Professor in Electrical Eng. Department) : scientific supervision

Technical supervision :  

  • Richard Grenier : electrical engineering technician
  • Jean-Sébastien Décarie : computer engineering technician

Student who have contributed :  

  • Mehdi Akiki (graduated student in Electrical Eng.) : omnidirectional robot
  • Alexandre Venne (graduated student in Computer Eng.) : system control interface
  • Nicolas Chambonnière (graduated student in Electrical Eng. from ESIA, France) : data acquisition module
  • Cédric Poirier (graduated student in Mechanical Eng.) : pneumatics kicking device development
  • Félix Duchesneau (graduated student in Computer Eng.) : global vision system
  • Alexandre Forget (graduated student in Computer Eng.) : real-time software and electronics
  • Stéphane Gagnon (graduated student in Electrical Eng.) : sensor fusion
  • Dominic Lemieux (graduated student in Computer Eng.) : embedded vision system
  • Alexandre Garant (graduated student in Electrical Eng.) : perception system
  • Jean-François Bidal (graduated student in Mechanical Eng.) : kicking device  
  • Francis Mailhot (graduated student in Computer Eng.): software engineering
  • Agnès Ligot (graduated student in Electrical Eng. from ULB, Belgium) : system modelling