Robofoot participation in 2005 competitions

In 2005, Robofoot wishes to participate in 2 competitions, the German Open and the RoboCup. Robofoot is in fact the first Canadian team in the Middle-Size Robot League, the league which requires the most important developments in terms of integrating various technologies and in terms of multi-robot cooperation. We will then be the first Canadian team to show up in international competitions.

Robofoot has recently pre-qualified for these competitions, but this is only the first step for an eventual participation. The team now needs to prepare its qualification material (videos, technical documents, etc.) to insure its final qualification. Here are the details of the competitions planned for 2005:


German Open 2005

Where: Heinz Nixdorf Museums Forum, PaderBorn, Germany

When: April 8 to 10, 2005

Official Website: 

   RoboCup 2005

   Where: Intex, Osaka, Japon

   When: July 13 to 18, 2005

   Official Website: 

   Official Website of the MSL: