Robofoot qualifies for RoboCup 2006

Once again, this year, Robofoot qualifies for the robot soccer World Cup, the RoboCup, in the Middle-Size League. The selection process was close, and the debate continued even after the final decision of the selection committee! On our Qualification material page, you can see what the Groupe Robofoot provided to this committee.

On the official site of the event, you will find a list of interested teams. The committee chose to allow 24 teams total, with 16 teams (amongst which Robofoot) being directly qualified, and 8 others being asked to be created by merging other teams for the time of the competition.

The RoboCup 2006 will take place in Bremen, Germany, from june 14 to june 20. It is interesting to note that those dates are in the middle of those for the real flesh and bones human Soccer World Cup, FIFA 2006, which also takes place in Germany. We can therefore expect a lot of soccer enthusiasts around the place!