Our experience at Robocup 2005

For a first competition, Robofoot performed quite impressively. In the first round of elimination, we ranked second, just behind Eigen, the team that ultimately won the tournament. Since our team had 3 wins and and a single loss in that first round, we played in a second one. Alas! the teams we had to face in that second round were very good, and we lost the two games, though not by much: 1-0 and 2-0. We were so close to making it to the quarter finals!

We also participated in two technical challenges, in which we had to show interesting features of our robots and what they could do. Robofoot ranked 4th and 7th in these.


Members of the trip, from left to right: Pierre-Marc Fournier,
Louis-Alain Larouche, Martin Arcand, François Savard and Julien Beaudry


So that's how our first World Cup ends. Even though we encountered a few difficulties, like broken motors and different lighting conditions, the team demonstrated its capacity, so we are allowed to hope for impressing results in the future.

By playing numerous games against the best teams in the world, we come back home with plenty of ideas on our minds for the next generation of robots and for improvements on our gaming algorithms.

You'll find all the results of the RoboCup on the official site of the event: http://robocup2005.org.

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