Robofoot qualifies for RoboCup 2005

Robofoot becomes the first Canadian team ever to be qualified for the World Cup of Robotics Soccer in the Middle-Size Robot League! 

To visit the list of qualified teams please follow this link.

The RoboCup 2005 ( will be held in Osaka, Japan, next July. During the last event held in Japan in 2002, in the same time as the FIFA World Cup, more than 114 000 visitors attended the competitions. If we look at the actual craze for entertainment and robotics, we can expect even more success for the 2005 edition. Next year, the RoboCup will be held in Germany during the 2006 FIFA World Cup... Lot's of action is to come!

The category in which will play Robofoot is the one demanding to accomplish the more impressive developments because the robots players are developed from A to Z by the participants. This means that the overall design involving mechatronics, control software, perception system and players intelligence is the original work of multi-disciplinary teams from various international universities. Our electronic athletes will then try, and let's precise they will do it absolutely autonomously, to win soccer matches against the most experimented international teams. Most of the teams in competition come from Japan, China and Germany. In the last years, the best teams come from Japan which are closely followed by some German teams. Robofoot will try to give its best shot for its first participation ever!

To have a better idea of the 6 robots that will represent us, you can look at the qualification material that we have submitted to the technical committee and that allowed us to join the top-level of international robotics soccer:

Technical description paper

Qualification Video