Les robots
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Diagram of the current robots

Some numbers and data

Motherboard of the computer
Kontron Viper-830
Mass~ 20 kg
Motors2 x 24 volts DC
Battery life~ 2,5 hours
Max speed on a straight line2,96 m/s (~ 11 km/h)
Max rotational speed2,8 turns/second
MotherboardKontron Viper-830
CPUIntel Pentium III 800 MHz
Operating systemDebian Linux

How it works (introduction)
The robots possess what we call an omnidirectionnal vision system, which allows them to see what happens in their surroundings. The system main components are the parabolic mirror (a bit like a ball cut in half), the camera and the computer. The parabolic mirror is placed on top of the vision tower, reflecting side down. The camera is placed under that mirror, which permits the capture of images which represent the robot's surroudings (360 degrees view, see right image below).

This circular image is than transmitted to the computer which, using a program, transforms it into what we call a panoramic image. The program then searches for objects (ball, landmarks, goals, etc.) in the resulting image. It does so by using hints about the objet, mainly its color. With those informations concerning surrouding objects, the program is then able to select which movements it should make, which strategies it should use.
To move around, the robots have 2 wheels and their corresponding electric motors. To kick, the robots have two of what we call kickers, which are small circular plates linked to a piston powered by compressed air.
For more information, please see our videos and technical documents.